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SHIELD only communicates public
safety related messages


Alerts can be sent and received
while incidents are still "in progress"

About Us

The SHIELD App was created by CDR Technologies Inc.

We are innovators and designers of a secure communication strategy which allows for public safety officials to communicate, in real time, information of a critical nature to the public, either as a means of seeking public assistance, or for the purposes of an early warning system with regard to weather, potential calamity, such as a gas leak, or emerging risk of a serious criminal nature.

SHIELD was created as a means of improving immediate communication with the public with regard to critical issues, as well as better utilizing public safety and police resources by seeking public response and assistance to focus resources and improve policing efficiencies.

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We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about The SHIELD Application

If you're a member of the working press and have questions or want to request an interview, please email CDR Technologies Inc. and state the nature of your inquiry, your deadline and your contact information, including media outlet. We do our best to respond promptly to legitimate media inquires, but cannot always respond to every request due to the volume received.

CDR Technologies Inc. CEO
+1 (587) 228-9869

Featured News

  • Indian Head, Sask. becomes part of The SHIELD

    Our CEO, Ryan Hnetka, was proud to announce today that the Indian Head Emergency Operations Center has implemented The SHIELD Public Safety Alert System as part of their commitment to the community to provide safety related messages.

  • SHIELD's Available For The U.S.A.

    Thanks to the integration of our new SHIELD QuickConnect process, we are happy to announce that The SHIELD Protection Network can be activated for any US location - or any other location globally - in less time that it took most of you to read this paragrah!